Far From Ordinary

People who buy at Inglenook are innovative, creative, and determined. They insist on more than a low-cost, “big box” house where their home is just like the one next door. They’re turned off by designs that are less than thoughtful. They want something different.

Pocket Neighborhoods

Most of the neighborhood developments across America are collections of individual houses, each an island to itself, with little real connection among neighbors. A Pocket Neighborhood is just the opposite.

Cottage Homes

Not only do I hear baby boomers and families describe Cottage Homes as as “Cute”, but young married couples and singles do too—only they use the word “Cool”. And that’s not all. After they get beyond “Cute” and “Cool”, they’re amazed by how a Cottage Home “Lives so big”.




Cottage Home Difference

When I first thought about building Inglenook and the Cottage Homes, the only way I could describe them was cute. Since then, my thoughts have grown.

Front Porch Living

Architect Ross Chapin points out, “A porch’s magic comes from the way it’s both private and public, belonging to the household while being open to a passerby.”

Inglenook Difference

I often think back to the little town where I grew up. Back when each summer day seemed to last forever. I remember sitting on the porch with my friends planning our next adventure.


The design, layout, and attention to detail in the cottages made us know we found our new home. Meeting the builder, Casey Land and his family, made us certain that Inglenook was built with love... This is a true neighborhood.

The Walsh FamilyInglenook Homeowners